Polynesia Cabana


C.O.M. Non-Repeat (yd)


Overall Height (in)

Overall Width (in)

Overall Depth (in)

Cabanas and pavilions must be installed, inspected, disassembled, and appropriately stored by a qualified, licensed contractor. Florida Seating’s express, limited warranty (for the complete warranty, see here) is valid during the warranty period under conditions of normal, standard use; the warranty does not cover damage from abuse, misuse, alteration, or similar abnormal conditions. Additionally, the product may be damaged or become dislodged by high winds, hurricanes, tornados, twisters, storm surge, flooding or similar catastrophic events. These products are designed to be bolted to the floor—the bolting varies by the type of substrate or flooring. In the event of an impending catastrophic event, the manufacturer strongly recommends that owners remove and securely store the lights, cushions, curtains, roof and other detachable items. Carefully follow the installation, inspection, care and maintenance instructions supplied to the owner. Records of the monthly inspections should be maintained in a written log, which must accompany any valid warranty claims submitted to Florida Seating. Failure to follow all the foregoing procedures will void seller’s warranty.

Cabanas require special shipping and handling due to the larger, standard dimensions – they do not fit on standard pallets.

Please refer to the terms and conditions related to this product.