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Aluminum / With a cast weighted bottom

Base Finish

Black, Silver

Table Top Fit (in)


Overall Height (in)


Spread (in)


Post Diameter (in)


Weight (lb)


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Shipping weights and dimensions are estimates only. Freight Class may vary depending the carrier used and FAK agreements that a customer may have with their carrier(s). Also, packaging, including pallets, corners, and stuffing vary by product. For more accurate estimates, please request a quote by clicking the button below or call us directly at 888-818-4480.


Max Qty per Box Not boxed
BOX 1 Shipping Weight (with max qty of product) (lb) n/a
BOX 1 Length (in) n/a
BOX 1 Width (in) n/a
BOX 1 Height (in) n/a
Single Shipping Weight (lb) 24
BOX 2 Shipping Weight (lb) n/a
BOX 2 Length (in) n/a
BOX 2 Width (in) n/a
BOX 2 Height (in) n/a
BOX 3 Shipping Weight (lb) n/a
BOX 3 Height (in) n/a
BOX 3 Height (in) n/a
BOX 3 Height (in) n/a
Freight Class 300
Items per Pallet 20
Pallet Size (in) 40×48


Single Weight (1 product + box) (lb) 24
Ground Box Length (in) 27
Ground Box Width (in) 23
Ground Box Height (in) 36
Max Qty per Box 1
Ground Box Weight (with max qty of product) (lb) 24

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AL-2400BH 23x6 | Florida Seating AL-2400BH 23x6 | Florida Seating
Al-2400bh 23×6
Al-2400bh 23×6
Al-2400bh 23×6

AL-2400BH 23×6